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May 5, 2004
Bartlett, TN
Just wanted to start a thread for this area. My install is scheduled for 5/13/04. I can't wait! I am sad to lose my DVR for Time Warner, but I am hoping that Voom will be launching their DVR towards the end of the month or next month. I will post back how the install goes as well as my initial impression.
Received a call from the installer today. They only received equipment for a single room installation and the work order is for a two room install. She said she called Installs Inc. and they told her they would overnight the equipment to her. I called Voom and they said the work order was correct and that Installs Inc. would know more. I called them and they said all of the equipment shipped on May 6th. So either the installer is lying to me because they can't make the appointment or the guy that I spoke with at Installs Inc. doesn't know what he is doing or isn't looking into the problem enough. I am crossing my fingers.
Called back and my equipment had not arrived but they had someone that canceled so they are just going to give me that box. The installer arrived and everything went smooth with the exception of the OTA antenna. Only receiving a few OTA channels, but that is because of poor reception. I told the installer that I will wait until the download comes in tonight and see if that changes anything. If not, I will call Voom and request a stronger antenna. Other than that, I am happy with what I received. Much props goes out to the installer (Tony from Broadway Satellite). He did a really good job and he spent a long time making things "perfect" for me. I told him about this website and he said he was going to check it out because he likes to stay on top of what's going on.
The download came through last night. I now have an outstanding satellite signal but still nothing with the locals. I'm able to get CBS and NBC (sometimes) but nothing else. Tony said that FOX was the hardest to receive in Memphis because the local carrier has a crappy antenna. I called Voom first thing and they said they would issue a work order to install a larger antenna. Broadway Satellite should contact me to setup a install date. Now all I need is for Voom to launch the DVR service and I'll be set. I am so ready to tell Time Warner to get lost!
Well, looks like I have run into an issue with the OTA antenna. Broadway Satellite is closing their West Memphis office so they are no longer doing installs in my area. The work order for the upgraded antenna has been reassigned to a company called Future Wave. It's been eight days now with no phone call from this new installer. I have called them and left messages but still haven't heard anything. The number Installs Inc. gave me for Future Wave is some dude's cell phone number. I have called Voom back several times and they just tell me they will contact Future Wave and have them/he/she call me back. I love the service, but I need my locals as well! I will update as I hear more.
I do not have Voom, I use DirecTV. I receive CBS, NBC, and ABC OTA without any problems. (NBC sometimes gives a problem) Tony is correct about FOX. One day you get the signal and the next you do not.

Where are you located? I am in the Lakeland area.
Jeff, I am in the Raleigh area. There are huge trees all over so the probably has something to do with the fact the I am not able to receive the locals with the standard OTA antenna Voom provides. Also, I read over on AVS forums that the local FOX affiliate is planning to upgrade the digital OTA antenna this July, fingers crossed. Anyway, update on my situation. Called Installs Inc and told them I can't get Future Wave on the phone and they will not return my messages/pages. So they rescheduled with a company called Emerald Coast (based out of Florida). I called them the next day, guess what! The Memphis Tech just quit because he was moving to a different country. My luck! Called Installs Inc back, the guy said they have about five different contractors in the Memphis area they can try. He said he was going to call them personally and setup an appointment for me. This time it's a company called Wire Tech. I called to confirm my appointment with them and sure enough, I am scheduled for tomorrow from 8:00 to 12:00. I told her according to antennaweb.org I need a antenna rated "red". I'm only about 8 miles from all the local digital towers, but all of the trees are screwing me. I hope he brings the right antenna! I'll update tomorrow after the install.
Well more problems. The installer showed up this morning with.... you guessed it, nothing. I am his second Voom customer so he is busy picking up all of the business that Broadway Satellite left. I explained to him that Installs Inc told me that the installer would purchase the upgraded antenna that is required and that he would then bill Installs Inc. He was not aware of this policy so he called to verify. He said it would take him a few days to get the antenna needed for the job. He assured me he would be back before the weekend. I wish there was someone I could point the finger at, but it's really no one's fault. If anyone, Broadway Satellite for up and leaving town without completing the install. I feel like writing them a letter, but what good is it really going to do. Guess I'll cross my fingers in hopes this installer comes through with a antenna strong enough. Otherwise I'll have to wait again.
Called the installer (Brian from WireTek) last night to see if he had found a antenna for me. He has not had a chance to look. Starting to worry, but he assured me once again that he would have me up and running by Saturday. He said that if he is able to find a Winegard Squareshooter today he would stop by tonight and install it. I just want to get my locals. By the way, I don't know if this problem will clear up after I get the new antenna installed, but I'm only getting about 50% PG info for my locals. Most of the time it just says "Off Air".
OK, I am so pissed off now. WireTek just called me and said that will not be able to install the antenna this week like I was told before. They don't have approval nor do they have an antenna. My patience have run out. My head is about explode now. Can someone tell me how it takes 16 days to get a freaking OTA antenna installed! I am going to call Voom and Installs Inc. and demand they get another installer to come install the damn antenna. This is so ridiculous! I am constantly waiting and waiting and waiting.
Called Installs Inc. and explained to them how pissed off I am about this. She put me on hold and called WireTek. The CSR came back and told me the same thing WireTek told me. They are waiting to get the antenna. I told the CSR at Installs Inc. that I know for a fact that I can go and buy a Winegard Squareshooter OTA antenna today. I can walk out of my office go to the store and purchase it. She said to get the number of where they are selling them and call Installs Inc. back. I got the number, called back and said "OK this place has one left and I can pick it up now". Installs Inc called WireTek back and told them. Apparently, WireTek found the antenna cheaper so Installs Inc said no to buying it locally and said sorry, you'll just have to wait for WireTek to get the antenna. So, I guess saving money is more important than making a customer happy. Installs Inc said I could go buy the antenna but I would not be reimbursed for it. So, looks like I am waiting another damn week.
Installer just came and installed a Winegard Square Shooter. NOTHING! Mounted it in two different places and received nothing. I had him put the original antenna back up as I was at least able to receive one OTA channel sometimes. Not only am I still not able to receive locals, the installer must have bumped the dish because my signal from the dish has dropped from a steady 95 to 85. I asked him to re-peak that before he left, didn't do it. I feel like I have been ripped off. I'm not going to keep Voom if I can't have locals, but damn my next bill is already going to be due again soon! I called Installs Inc. and they told me they would have to call Voom to find out how to proceed. I should receive a call within 24hrs. I'm not holding my breath. I sent a email to Wilt to see what he thinks. Don't know what to do or what to think........
Looks like sending that email has really taken care of business... hopefully. John from Installs Inc. will be handling my issue personally. He said he was told by corporate to stick with me until my OTA issue was resolved. My confidence has been restored now and I feel like I will have all of my OTA channels soon. John has called New Age Electronics (out of Grenada, MS) to handle this problem. They called and asked me a few questions and the lady said she is going to speak with her boss to find out the exact antenna I will need. She said I will hear back from her today! I am sure this OTA problem will taken care of shortly. Other than all this mess with the OTA antenna, I am happy with Voom. I believe they are dedicated to providing their subscribers with the latest technology and I don't think I would have ever received this type of personal attention from Time Warner.
I am in Southaven... got VOOM installed 2 weeks ago and the installer did not install the OTA module. I finally got the module today and I am able to get CBS, ABC, UPN, and PAX. I am using the Rat Shack 15-2160 (in the attic) UHF antenna with a old junky Rat shack amp.

New Age is comming to my house on thursday to give me an estimate to install it on my roof. I do have a Channel Master CM7777 Preamp and rotor on order from SolidSignal.. I will have them install those as well.

The lady at New Age Electronics called me back today and said she spoke with her boss about the best antenna. He said he was going to call Winegard since they actually have a office/plant here in the Memphis area and see what they say the best solution will be for the area of town that I am in. I hope to hear back from her soon. Jawilljr, why are they going to give you an "estimate"? Installing the OTA is part of the Voom installation.
Because I want them to install my antenna and also to install a rotor... things above and beyond a normal install. AFAIK they do not install rotors as standard equipment.

I would still run it by Installs Inc. Call them and ask if the installer says you need a rotor will they pay for it. I believe they usually approve what the installer says is needed. Don't let the installer try to bill you for a OTA install. They were supposed to install that along with the dish on the initial install. Whatever money they spend on the upgraded antenna, Installs Inc. will reimburse the installer for it. If the amount is in question, Installs Inc. will probably need to get authorization from Voom. If I were you I would exercise all options before I started writing checks to the installers.
This is where I am different than most. As far as OTA goes, I want to use MY antenna, preamp and rotor (that I choose, which I know will work)... not VOOMS (which may or may not work). That way if in the future I decide to go with Directv HD (or other provider) and dump VOOM I can still get OTA HD. They can take the receiver and dish... but not the OTA antenna and accessories. Less hassle in the future.

So yes I am willing to pay extra for the convenience of owning my own OTA equipment... which stays with the house.

I do plan on keeping VOOM because it is awesome. I just want the flexibility for the future. I never thought I would get rid of DirecTV... but it looks like I will. The only 2 things I will miss is the DirecTivo and NFL Sunday Ticket.

According to this thread, WHBQ FOx 13 might be going online next week.

Besides Fox I am now able to receive everything OTA... even NBC. I have decided to keep my Antenna in the attic for now. I will eventually put it on the roof with a rotor.


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