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Apr 11, 2023
Thank you sooooooo much for a place to come to.
I have been with DISH for almost 25 years, we have always been happy with our package and setup, it fits our older-folks lives.

I have made no changes anywhere, but right on the 1st of April, we are missing about 20 DISH and Sirius music channels.

I read a possible solution....and tried putting it on MyChannels, save,unplug,reboot several times without resolve.

I seem to be getting flunkies when I talk to Dish and also computer Chat. They say there is no problem.
Well.....(muttering "come to my house and see")......I took pictures with my phone and sent it to a tech email they gave me for supporting documents.

I have made sure the signal of both 119 and 110 are good and all system checks integrity from my end.

What do I need to do....and also how did this happen?

Jack in Idaho
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Thanks for providing your setup - since you only have 119 and 110 is the issue. A bunch of the music channels were moved to the 129 satellite last week, so that is why they disappeared. I was looking at this over the weekend a mixture of the DISH music channels as well as the Sirius XM music channels that moved.
Thank you all, especially (((frog))).... So is this a forced hand to have to get a joey or hopper? Or. How to get 129 please?
Thank you all, especially (((frog))).... So is this a forced hand to have to get a joey or hopper? Or. How to get 129 please?
You get a dish that picks up 3 satellites


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I had thought of that too. . just did another chat and got a manager, this time at least that's what he said, and he said that I had a three band in their records, not a two band and I was supposed to get a letter two weeks ago that said that this change would be going through (dish never does that) lol

I get a new remote today free also because I've been with them almost 25 years and the guy is going to be here at noon . no charge and....a credit for a months payment. Wowwww

so all well that ends well with my fingers crossed .

you guys have just been awesome to come to and thank you everyone.♥️♥️♥️