MLB 2021 Season

Chanting? Really? What fans don't chant for their teams?

Or do you just not like that particular chant? And why don't you like that chant? For PC reasons? Silly reason IMO to not like a team and/or their fan base.

Heck, I detest the cowbells at Miss State, doesn't mean I don't like their fanbase.
No other teams I know of Chant.
As for the Cowbells, thier annoying as well.
Sent this to my boss and promptly took the day off

World Series Parade tomorrow @ noon. Debating whether I want to take the day off and go to it (most likely not as I don't want to burn another vacation day this week).

Does Atlanta know how to do championship parades? Lol.

It was a weird split parade, they started in Atlanta, and only did a little bit there, then they just into the vehicles and drove up to Cobb County where the new stadium is location, and then did the main portion of the parade with a huge celebration at the Battery and then inside the stadium.

Yes the portion in Atlanta was miniscule, but the Cobb County portion was much better, and was the main location of the parade.

That's what the city gets for screwing with them on Turner Field negotiations.

Ring of Honor

Nascar 2021

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