MLB: EI / RSN Blackout Question


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Jan 24, 2006
Chicago, IL
Hello everyone,

I have a question in regards to the RSN's when you are a subscriber to the MLB: EI package.

I ordered the MLB: EI package and am wondering how come these games are blacked out on the actual RSN channels? Does Dish not allow you to watch the games on the RSN channels even tho you subscribe to the package?

I find this alittle annoying because even MLB game replays are blacked out on pretty much all the RSN's except the local one. However what I find interesting is NHL games don't seem to follow this blackout rule (Replay wise), and I do not even subscribe to the NHL Center Ice package...

Do I need to call Dish and let them know this is happening? Or is this normal with the MLB: EI package...

Yes, even thought the RSN's are the same channels, it would take a lot of time and effort to remove the blackouts from only the recievers which have the EI package, otherwise E* would not add all the channels in the 625 range. The blackouts are set up by zip code not by indiviual account. Most of the blackout rules are dependent on the indiviual teams, which is what causes replays being blacked out or not. I have talked to many people about the blackouts and they do seem to change from year to year. It is very confusing and tends to get more confusing the more you look at them.

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