Moca Problems with my 2 Hopper3 Receivers


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Jul 29, 2005
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I am having problems playing programs located on my opposite Hopper3. This just started after my Family Room Hopper3 was replaced. When I bring up the sources menu the other Hopper3 shows up as a source. When I select the other Hopper3 I can see the programs recorded on it. On the Living Room Hopper3 some programs on the Family Room Hopper3 do not play while others do play. On the Family Room Hopper3 none of the programs on my Living Room Hopper3 play. When I hit watch a screen comes up with the choices of Delete, DVR, or Live TV.

Both hoppers are on software version U503. Before they were at U502. The Hopper3 in the Family Room was replaced since it was in a constant reboot mode.

When looking at the Moca Details under the Whole Home screen the Living Room Hopper shows question marks for the Hopper3 Family Room under columns 1 and 2.
When I highlight the question mark the up arrow has a question mark and everything is 0. Thus it looks like the upload is not working.

The Family Room Hopper3 shows everything as green check marks and thus both upload and download are both working. The Dish installer replaced the Duo node to see if that was causing the problem but that had no effect. I just noticed the problems playing content on the opposite Hopper3 tonight. I have been busy and had not tried playing content on the opposite hopper until tonight. In the past it worked fine. Can someone with 2 Hopper3 receivers verify that they are not having problems playing content on their opposite Hopper3 under software U503.

I took pictures showing the Moca details screen on my Living Room Hopper3. The Family Room Hopper3 shows all green check marks and thus does not appear to have any problems.




By the way, they moved my Western Arc Dish to a Room Mount. I now have strong signals on 110, 119, and 129. As a result, we did not hook up 61.5 to the DPH42 switch.
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Typically, Moca problems come from cabling. Non 3Ghz cable to the hopper. Substandard or loose connectors (not the one at the receiver - never tighten that one other than by hand) kinks in the cable, damaged cable - ex. a scored center conductor by using the wrong strippers, too long of a cable run or possibly a bad hub. Also, and i know someone will disagree with me, the cabling from the dish to the hub should be port 1 on the LNBF to ODU 1 on the duo hub and port 2 to ODU 2. These are where I'd start looking unless I had a meter to test the cable with
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Dish Technical Support claims that the Moca problem on my Living Room Hopper3 is caused by a bad receiver. Their reasoning is that the Family Room Hopper3 which was replaced does not show any Moca problems while my Living Room Hopper3 shows Moca problems. She claims that if cabling was the problem then both receivers would have Moca problems.

Could the Hopper3 receiver that was doing a constant reboot and was replaced cause my purchased Hopper3 receiver to break?

I have a call into Dish Depot to request a replacement Hopper3.
It should be under warranty since it was activated on 8/05/17.
If the cabling between the Hub and the bad Hopper 3 had a problem, then the tech would be wrong. BUT, not saying the tech was wrong, just that it's a possibility
I finally talked to Mark at Dish Depot. I explained the Moca problem with my Living Room Hopper3 that I purchased. He will stand behind my purchased receiver since it is under warranty but he wants to research the problem further.

Let me restate my problem:
1) Living Room Hopper3 shows good upload and download Moca connections between the Hopper3 Living Room and my one Joey2.
2) Living Room Hopper3 shows good download connection from Hopper3 Family Room but no upload connection to Hopper3 Family Room.
3) Living Room Hopper3 shows good download connection from Family Room Hopper3 to Joey2 but no upload connection from my one Joey2 to Family Room Hopper3.

4) On my Family Room Hopper3 all upload an download connections are good between all 3 units. The first post of this thread shows screenshots from my Living Room Hopper3.

Because all of the connections are good on the Family Room Hopper3 but 2 of the upload connections are bad on the Living Room Hopper3 Dish Technical Support feels that the Receiver is bad. They feel that a cable issue would show up on both receivers.

I should also point out that we replaced the Duo node with no effect on the error.
Following Tony’s suggestion I swapped the Living Room Hopper3 and the Family Room Hopper3. The Relocated Living Room Hopper3 now has the same Moca problem in the Family Room and the Family Room Hopper3 has no Moca problem in the Living Room.

So it looks like the problem is a Defective Hopper3. So now I need to contact Mark at Dish Depot and get it replaced.

Hopefully once it is replaced I will be done with all my problems.
Today Dish replaced my defective Hopper3 in the Living Room. The Moca is now working and both Hopper3 receivers and my Joey2 are able to share programs. I had a different technician out of Columbus this time. His thinking is that the previous technician caused the problem by shorting out the coax when they moved the Dish. Before cutting a coax cable you should unplug all receivers and the power Inserter on the DPH42 switch. The previous technician did not do that. When they cut the coax they could cause a short that burned out part of my Hopper3 receiver. His explanation makes sense to me.

Well everything is working well now. I checked my Dish account and the replaced receiver is correctly showing up as purchased. I spent the last hour logging into my apps, setting up favorite channel guides, and scanning in my OTA locals.

On another topic, the last couple times that I have recorded OTA programs, they have worked without any problems.

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