MoCA Question, unknown wireless Joey


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Jan 13, 2004
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Just started noticing a MoCA red icon in the bottom left of my TV screen. Recent software update??? Reset everything and still receive the error. I have 1 Hopper3, and 1 wireless Joey. I noticed a second one showing up (wireless Joey AP2) while performing diagnostics and have no clue who/what this is? I do live in a sub-division so could this be the neighbors? If so, why would they have on and not connected to their own system? I have attached some screen prints I took this morning. At a minimum, how to get rid of the MoCA on the main tv screen. My 2 tvs are working fine as of last night. I also have an Amazon Fire stick upstairs, so once in a great while watch Dish from that but have not done it recently, not sure how that could be causing this. Any help would be appreciated.

moca RED error on TV screen.jpg Linked.jpg moca summary.jpg


Jan 18, 2006
Same issue after software update. You can reboot everything and it goes away but it eventually comes back.

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