Model 6000u and s-video flicker


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Jan 21, 2004
Somerset, MA
I have had 6000u receiver for about 6 weeks. I just got a new Hitachi 65" rear projection TV. The s-video output creates 5 green flickers and 5 red flickers every time I change channels. I called Dish and they sent me another 6000u. Same thing. Ok, it must be the tv right? Nope. My 5000 and 2700 receivers work perfectly with the exact same sat and s-video cables.

Has anyone heard of this problem with the 6000? I am stuck right now. The receiver works fine on my 36" tube TV and other receivers work fine on my new TV. Neither company will admit fault. Obviously it is easier to replace the receiver than a 65" TV.

Any ideas?

ride525 said:
Can try Component out?

Component out is fine. HD is fine.

I don't like using component out when watching 4:3 sd programming. The s-video out with my TV's 4:3 expanded mode looks the best for that.

I forgot too say in my first post that composite out does the same thing and I have tried 3 different s-video cables.

pointing superdish

I think my 921 just died.

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