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Mar 9, 2004
(well unless you count the home and garden channel) - Commentary :)

I was in the call-in que for the charlie chat last night when one of their flunkies answered the phone and said charlie isnt going to be able to take any calls tonight but maybe he can help me.

My question to him was As more and more networks launch HD content how agressively will Dish be pursuing the new content. (now if I got through to Charlie I was gonna throw in the satelliteguys plug hehe)

His answer was this: (Stripping out the political dish b.s.) We of course will pursue new channels, but like in the instance of MTVHD, we already have a contract in place for everything else and would have to re-negotiate a new contract. Same goes for National Geographic HD... He said unfortunatly they will have to renegotiate new contracts for every new channel, or wait untill the current contract expires and then they can negotiate it in the new one...

SO this leaves me to believe that there will be no more new 'compelling' as they call it HD content until Hell Freezes Over

Lets See Why With a few that we dont have right now:

MTVHD - do we really want a repeat of the "I lost my spongebob" debacle again?
The Movie Channel HD - We have Showtime, why not this one? CBS Company
StarzHD - Liberty Media - But we have Discovery -?
CinemaxHD - We have HBOHD why not this one?
Outdoor 2 HD - there is two of them? Wow
National Geographic HD - News Corp

Now we know that some other networks are beginning testing in HD this year, such as BBC, FOXHD, and others... but there are outlaying problems there too...

Now some of you may know when the current contracts expire with the various owners Im not sure... Most likely that is when we may start to see some real additions to the lineup


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Sep 12, 2003
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Food Network HD will be carried when it launches in the second quarter. Starz HD is imminent as they have let a few promos slip that had the logo in it. Ditto for Cinemax and maybe even Encore.

I'm surprised at how quickly they are adding HD LILs. So much for bandwidth constraints. Things will only get better when Echo 10 comes online soon.....


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Jul 20, 2005
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And my wife and I DO count HGTV. We enjoy it. Some folks watch sports. We look forward to HGTV & FOOD in HD.


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Oct 8, 2003
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I would like HGTV and Food Network, too. I would be a little cautious on stating that it WILL be carried. We only heard onel little thing on that on one Charlie Chat, and have never heard anything about that since. I still am not so positive we will get HGTV and Food Network HD's when they launch.

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