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Sep 29, 2003
Warner Robins, GA
Hey Scott and the rest,

Nice forum you've got here. You need to get the word out a bit more, I hadn't heard about it until today.

I just have one request. Can we get an option for more posts per page? Fifteen posts per means A LOT of pages for just about any major topic. I hate clicking page after page (takes much more time and makes the back button much harder to use) and would prefer the "standard" (with some software anyway) 40 posts per page. Or even more if possible!

Feel free to slap me about if I missed the option somewhere (but it looks like there's just one preferences page (the Profile) and I didn't see it there.


Ok change made, the system down displays 25 threads per page. :)

Thanks for the suggestion and enjoy yourself!

I am not into spamming other sites, but if you see news you think others would enjoy point them here. :)
Not a problem. :)

Jacob whats wrong with your avatar? Email it to me and I will put it up for you. ;)
I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my avatar as well. I found it off of the internet and got it from a link.
It did not even show a broken picture with the Opera browser, I didnt know I had a broken picture.
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