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The situation is probably more related to the spread of crap programming and the fast march of advertising time consuming the time slot. Stories have to be awfully "concise" to squeeze in at under 20 minutes in a half-hour slot.

I noticed an greater effort early this year to push the envelope using terms like "asshat" and "a-hole" in an effort to sneak socially relevant terms past the advertisers and prudes. I have to say that I was a little stunned to hear a reference recently on NBC's Powerless to the term "taint" used in reference to a city that the character, Vanderveer Wayne (Bruce Wayne's cousin played by Alan Tudyk), hated ("taint of a city"). NBC was also testing the waters with "shirt" and "fork" from The Good Place.

Perhaps I'm sensitive because I was given a written reprimand a few years ago by my boss for using the term "bitch slap" after hearing it on TV.

While some appreciate this "social relevance", I'm sure that others aren't so enthusiastic.

Aftermath on SyFy


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