Rewatching from my local... sound drop outs from the NY feed from Directv...


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rglore said:
I was confused until I looked at the post dates!

Me too.

On side note. You think Miranda looked good there. You should see her around town like the girl next door real country girl she is. She and Blake's place is down the road from my family's ranch out between the big metropolis' of Pontotoc and Tishomingo Oklahoma.

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Over an hour in and they've only given out 2 awards. So far I like Bruno Mars and Jason Alden/Kelly clarkson performances the best. The commercials are killers though, think I'm gonna have to watch something else and let the dvr help me out.

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So far the performances have been pretty good so far but I could have done without Rhianna and Chris Brown. Rhianna just does not sound great live.

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