Motorized Dish Setup Tip: You Can Leave The V/G Box In The House (1 Viewer)

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Feb 27, 2010
Traverse City, Michigan
I spent the whole weekend tweaking in the polar arc on a 1.2m Ku dish with an actuator and polar mount. Wow the Ku is touchy and much harder to bring in than my C-band dish was. I was getting tired of dragging receiver, tv, V box out to the dish. Instead I used a splitter that sends lnb power out both ports. So with the receiver out at the dish, one port of the splitter goes to the lnb, the other is connected to the drop that goes back to the house still connected to the V-box. Back at the dish I command the receiver to go to a new position, that command goes back wards thru the coax to the V-box, the V-box sends 36v back out to the dish and actuator moves to the new position. Works fine, saves moving all the wiring around for the positioner connection and you don't have to change the connection on the back of the V-box. Either port will accept receiver commands. Make sure you find a splitter with power passing to both ports.
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