Mounting of dish and signal


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Dec 30, 2003
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Hello all...

I have searched for an answer to this question but didn't readily find an answer. My dish is mounted on the NW corner of my house about 5 ft above ground level. In this position, my house would appear to "block" about 1/3 of the potential signal. In other words there isn't a clear view to the entire dish. Could this possibly effect the amount of signal the dish receives and if so, would it be enough to effect PQ on a 48" RPTV? I know of the compression issues and was wondering if this positioning issue could make that even worse. My dad has his dish mounted with a "clear" view and I notice better PQ on SD material on his 42".

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I figured I could get the correct answer here. Thanks for any input...
The pan of the offset is some 22-23 degrees below the height it is pointing. No, signal strength does not affect picture quality. With a digital signal, either you get a picture or have pixilization or no picture.

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