Move an in-progress 622 recording from TV1 to TV2


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Oct 3, 2003
Thought I'd share a handy 622 procedure I stumbled upon the other night.

My 622 is running in dual mode. TV2 in the bedroom isn't in use because is just finished recording a show. TV1 in the living room is recording a show because the start time overlapped with the ending show on TV2.

The family wants to watch a show on a different channel in the living room and not lose the in-progress recording. How do we move the recording to TV2 without interrupting it?

1) Temporarily switch the 622 to single mode (button on front of rcvr).
2) Select the new satellite channel you want to watch on TV1
3) Switch back to dual mode.
4) TV1 will stay on the new channel.
5) Your DVR recording light will move to TV2 and your recorded program will not have any interruptions.
6) Family is happy.

- Paul
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Sep 26, 2003
Neat trick, I can definitely use that one.

I wonder if going the other way would be possible in any way? That is, a recording is underway on TV2, but someone wants to watch something different. Could you somehow move the recording to TV1?


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Mar 16, 2004
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mode, swap, mode will do it also (unless the OTA tuner ends up in the swap set).

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