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Dec 8, 2009
I purchased a 722 DVR and had dish wire the system because I only had one HD TV which is currently TV1. I have since purchased a second HD TV which is now at the location TV2. I would like to simply move the receiver to the TV2 location and do a switch of which TV recieves the HD signal and which TV gets the Standard signal. Is this very complicated, and do I need to do anything at the dish itself to make this switch?


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Dec 12, 2003
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Simplest method is call 800-333-3474 and have DISH do it correctly. If you are hangt and understand diplexing the signal you can do it but be prepared to lose reception and have to wait for a service call to restore what you messed up.


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Oct 19, 2004
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NOTE:These directions assume you are not diplexing the SD signal back into the satellite feed line.

You already have a cable from loc1 to loc 2 for the SD feed, just reverse the direction of the signal.

Next you must have a direct run from the dish to loc2, set that up and you're done.

If diplexing is involved - Call Dish.

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