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Sep 8, 2003
Sacramento, CA
I subscribed to ATT/Dish Network a couple weeks ago, after several years absence. I've got a good OTA antenna and get all of my local HD channels with solid signal levels, so the LIL-HD channels don't do me much good.

Since I'm subbed through AT&T, can I still change my service address to get a different set of local channels? Will the phone line connection make any difference for that? I'm not interested in the DNS services, but want to pick up the locals from San Francisco, the market west of mine.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 8, 2003
Springfield, IL
I've never tried this myself, but I would imagine, since your E* billing is done on your AT&T phone bill, (I'm assuming this) you are going to have a hard time "moving" your service address to another market. You would be able to change your BILLING address, but obviously, that won't do you any good to get another market.

Now, if your E* bill is a separate bill, you might be able to get by with this - I had a customer who was getting the $4 SBC/DISH discount, but got a separate E* bill for their service. They "moved" like you & to this day have no problems with this.
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