moving dish hd receiver to a different hd tv


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Mar 3, 2012
I want to move the dish hd receiver to another hd tv. I had a hd receiver connected to an hd tv (tv1) and that conected to analog tv (tv2). tv2 is now an hd tv receiving analog only. Is there a diagram or instructions to move the hd receiver to tv2 and have tv1 receive analog signal. Thank you


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Coax running from sat to receiver would need to be run from sat to where tv2 is now. Move the receiver there, making sure to connect it as it is now except for using tv2 run from new receiver location to new tv2 (if tv2 is where receiver currently is, disconnect from tv and fasten to the rf output on receiver, and where previous tv2 rf out is now connected to new tv2. Sorry don't have diagram, sure someone will.)


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Mar 9, 2011
New Baltimore, MI
Assuming the tvs aren't close to each other, more than likely you have a diplexer somewhere in the system. It should be somewhere near where the lines run down from the dish, and it looks more or less like a splitter. The 3 ports should be labeled In/out, Sat, and UHF/VHF. Simply switch the 2 lines that DON'T run into the Sat port, then move your receiver.

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