moving receiver to another room


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Jan 17, 2010
We have 3 receivers in the house, 2-DishPro 301 and an HD receiver VIP 211K, so two dishes outside all connected thru a DishPro Multidish Switch DP34. All were installed professionally a couple of years ago. We since put in a new master bedroom and at the time of construction had it wired for another TV/receiver we hoped to add when we could afford it.

Today we decided just to move one of the existing DishPro 301 receivers & TV to the new bedroom, but when I hook it up, the Switch test reports not detecting the switch.

Since we pay DishNetwork for 3 receivers, do I have to go thru them just to move a receiver to a different room (not add one)? or do I need to switch some of the cables coming into/out of the Switch box?

I am a geek of sorts, more with computers than this satellite stuff, but pretty good at troubleshooting and following directions. Hope some one her can help:)


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Sep 20, 2005
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The receiver must be cabled directly to the switch. Either re-route the cable it was originally connected to or run a new one to the Dish.


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Jul 14, 2009
Connect the new coax run from the new room to the fourth unused port on the 34sw. If you have more than one jack in the room make sure you get the right one running to the jack you're trying to use. You didn't daisy chain the jacks did you? Sat signals won't go through splitters, and you will need to remove all of them, and run the line straight from the STB to the switch. If it still doesn't work check the fittings to make sure you don't have a stray braid wrapped around the stinger, also if the coax was stapled to the studs there may be a staple in the wire shorting it out.