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Oct 22, 2007
are they're any repucusiens for moving into a difarant time zone? i lIVE in iowa and want to see the rays and marlins play. im going to move one hour ahead to do that. is it possible adn will it cuase program s like raw or beavis and buthead to be on aat a diffarant time other than the progam gude showign it oen hour earlier will i lose BIG 10?
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Mar 10, 2007
You can "move" to a different time zone without any problems but if you are moving to Florida it will place you outside of one of the Big Ten states. In other words, you'll lose the Big Ten Network unless you subscribe to the Sports Pack. I don't think you'd see any changes in programming. In other words, WWE RAW will still come on at 8 o'clock in Iowa but you're program guide will reflect the 9 o'clock start time for the east coast. You might also want to keep in mind that the Rays have a deal with ION down in Tampa -- I don't think you'll see but about 60-something of their games in your area. I have never "moved" outside of my time zone in the past -- I just thought it'd be a bit confusing when setting up my VCR, etc. I have, however, considered a "move" to somewhere in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana as I'd love to be able to get the Big Ten Network without having to subscribe to the Sports Pack. I have really enjoyed all of the softball and know college football season is coming up. :) I have also considered your neck of the woods in Iowa -- practically all I do in the late fall, winter, and early spring is watch sports -- I'd have (I think) access to three NHL teams, two NBA teams, and six MLB teams. I'm just not sure about adjusting to the time zone thing. I get my Atlanta locals from AAD and subscribed to an effective (but El Cheapo) package with my local cable company that consists of Peachtree, Fox Sports South, and Sportsouth for $3.99 / month. So it's not like I'd lose the Braves...

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