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May 24, 2004
I have been having a problem getting the 110 Sat. for quite a while, but after reading, I have found I may have a problem with the IRD. It does not take me to a specific menu. Here is the exact problem, after going to MENU on the Remote control, then selecting SYSTEM SETUP, and then INSTALLATION, I do not see MULTI-DISH INSTALL. The Ird always takes me back to the POINT DISH and SIGNAL STRENGTH window showing me the 119,110 and a few other Sat's. The ATTENTION window for mounting and positioning complete never did come up. Is this a Ird problem, and can it be fixed? I am able to get 119 without a problem but not 110 Changed LNB's and switches as well but always get the same results any help is appreciated.

Thank You
You don't say which receiver model you have, nor what type of LNBFs and switches, nor whether you've done a "Check Switch". All of these are important pieces of information that are needed before we can help you.
I have a 3700 IRD (2800 is the same thing isn't it? Have the same problem with it as well) Legacy LNB's sw 21 switch connected and have done numerous switch tests. The 119 is recognized on the Odd and Even but never the 110. Can't be the LNB because I have switched them and the signal comes in on the number 2 side as well when switched but only the 119 Sat Dish 500 with a Dual bracket holding the LNB's. Thank You
Not sure will have to check, will be back after work.

Thanks for the Many responces. This is what I am doing, and still no 110. I go to MENU (on Remote) SYSTEM SETUP INSTALLATION, DISH-POINT SIGNAL, then to DISH POINT and SIGNAL STRENGTH PEAK ANGLES. All this does is take me to a Azmeth, Elevation, Skew Dish300, Dish500, and Super Dish option Window, I cannot seem to get to the MULTI-DISH 2 bar Window showing both signal bars for the 110 and 119. I have done 3 or 4 different switch tests and sometimes it will detect the 119 but never the 110.

Thank You again
On your DISH 500 you have a plastic "Y" adapter that the LNBFs are attached to if you look at the top it is marked 110 & 119. Cover the 110 with tin foil and see if you are still getting 119. If you lose 119 you have the wrong LNBF pointed at the satellite. If this is what has happened leave the tin foil in place and reaim the dish then run the switch check after you find the 119 on the 119 LNBF and you should get the DISH 500 tuning bars.
Boba is right.
I have installed 100+ sats.
The easiest way without a signal meter is to aim in one at a time with the old legacy lnb's.

Here's what you do.

-First verify that your support arm is plum.(straight up and down where the dish is attached.
-make sure all settings are correct(azimuth,elevation)
-cover or remove the 110 lnb(it's marked on the yoke)
-leave the switch off for now and attach cable to 119 lnb
-aim until you receive 119 sat signal with good atrength.
-remove cable from 119 and attach to lnb on 110 side.
-99% of the time 110 will be there
-connect switch to both lnb's(even if no signal at 110)
-run a check switch
-if only one sat picked, go back to step one and make sure everything is correct.

note: 119 and 110 are approx. 2-3inches apart at the lnb's, so if you get 110 when you want 119, then move over a couple of inches.

Hope this helps.
If your dish was working to begin with and you've lost the 110 all of the sudden then your SW21 is probably going bad. Swtich the two lines from the LNB's at the switch, if your 110 shows up and your 119 dissapears then this confirms that your switch is bad. If it doesn't, then either you have something obstructing the view or the dish is off alignment.
Again,Thank You for the many responces. I have tried to switch the LNB's from 110 side to 119 side on the sw21. When I do this,I get no signal at all and after a switch check I get "No switch Detected" but if I put them back to the original setting (119 at 1 and 110 at 2) and do a switch check IRD tells me 119 is there on 1 and 2 (X"s) also says "Warning only one Sat. is connected" I am beginning to think it is a bad switch but I have two and got the same results with both. IRD tells me I am hitting the 119 (Green Bar) Thank-You again
Have you followed the procedure given by rk69rn?
Please bypass the switch entirely.

For EVERY step below, carefully examine the ends of the cables for braid threads causing a short - it only takes one and they are sometimes smaller than a hair.

Hook 119 LNB directly to receiver. Make sure it's the LNB that is on the 119 mounting, NOT the 110 mounting position. The Yoke should be labeled.

Check signal. Adjust dish until best.

Disconnect 119 LNB. Attach 110 directly to receiver. Check signal.

If no signal, LNB is probably bad. Try swapping the LNBs on the mounting arm and see if 119 still comes in. If it does, your dish is probably misaligned and you've been messing with the 110 mounting position (even though you've already checked that), or you've got some bad cable (even though you've already checked that).

If you CAN get 119/110 one at a time, then put the SW-21 back in the mix and run a Check Switch.

PLEASE follow these instructions in order for us to help you.
It sounds like a bad lnb if you switched sides and lost signal.
Run cable direct without a switch to the good 119...verify signal, then switch lnb's.
If no signal, bad lnb.
Finally got both Sat's. locked in Very good signal strength, But after a Switch Test (I am testing a 500 but had to run Super Dish Full to get a read got nothing on Super Dish 3 or Super Dish 4) I am getting No. 1 Xed on the ODD(119). But have 119 EVEN and 110 ODD and EVEN After another Switch Test IRD tells me to "Check Connections" After doing this I cannot get to Guide Have to reset IRD(unplug) then I get the results previously stated ( I have checked connections 3 times) Many more channels but this can't be right Also changed sides on the 119 LNB(using a dual) Thank You any responce is appreciated.
Have you done as we have asked?

Take SW-21 out of the mix.

Clear switch matrix: pull power-plug. disconnect satellite feed. power-up, run Check Switch.

NOW, hook up ONE LNB (preferably 119). Ensure good signal on odd & even.
Do the same with 110.

If you can't get odd & even separately on both LNBs, If you can, NOW, we add the SW-21 and keep going.

I'll be gone for several hours - hopefully rk69rn will be around to help.
we have to look deeper into them.
SimpleSimon This is exactly what I did, I took the SW21 out of the system,Pulled the Power Plug on IRD Disconnected the Sat. feed behind IRD Powered the IRD up again Hooked directly to the 119 bird (102 sat. sig.) Ran a Check Switch (all threee versions) Nothing was found, so I connected just the 119 side of the SW21 and ran a check switch test (Used Super Dish it is the only one that gives me any kind of read) I got the 119 EVEN but the ODD was still Xed I got the same results with another SW21 I got Any help is appreciated Thank You
Take the SW-21 out of the line put a double female in the line if you can't connect directly. Run the switch test and it should show no switch connected which is correct. In the Menu 6-1-1 screen go to transponders and see if you are getting signal on both odds and evens. If you are the LNB is ok if you aren't you may have a problem with the LNB. If the LNB is ok put the SW-21 back in the line and see if you still have both odds and evens. If you don't the SW-21 is bad.
Doing all these different versions of Check Switch can be confusing the receiver. I'm not even sure what you mean by 3 different ones.

The basic question is on the signal strength (with a reset matrix). You should be able to pick the transponder you want to check. Hook up 119 direct, and ensure odd & even transponders. If that's no good, it's the first thing to fix. Then switch the cable to the 110 LNB and repeat (I'm still not clear - you DO have 2 SEPARATE LNBs, yes?).

Once you know you're good on all 4 separately, then plug the SW-21 back into the mix and run Check Switch (Check Switch is not a happy thing without all signals).
boba and SimpleSimon, Thank You for your patience. Finally pinpointed the problem After following boba's last post Turns out the one LNB was bad. Thank You again, couldn't have figured it out without your help.

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