Multiple Dish 1000.2 Question

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  1. Can you have 2 Dish 1000.2's with both the Eastern Arc DPH and Western Arc DPH hooked to a single Hopper3? So you'd be looking at all five sats at the same time. If possible, how would you wire that up?
  2. At this time, no you can not. Even when the new DPH42 is released the max orbital positions will be 4. On top of that if you mix the arcs you will have problems. A while back I had 61.5, 72, 110 and 119 running on a Hopper 2 and it got confused all the time. I'm pretty sure the official DISH position is to not mix arcs.
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  3. Out of curiosity, what programming is on the 72 satellite that isn't available on at least one of the other locations?
  4. This is not possible. However, you can get all programming for your area on either Eastern (61/72/77) or Western (110/119/129) arc, and add 118.7 as needed. Is there a reason you need more than 4 orbitals installed? The only reason I can think would be LOS issues, but my understanding is this does not exist.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. For example, someone with locals on 61.5, but no LOS to 72, who also subscribes to international channels from 118, would need five orbitals. (61.5/110/118/119/129) This is why I have been hoping Dish would develop and release a five-satellite solution, or even a six-satellite solution, if possible.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks. I'm in central Florida and we have things called thunderstorms every five minutes. Thought was when one arc went down it would switch to the other. In the past I had dish and the receiver would auto jump from HD to SD due to LOS then after a few minutes of course it would go out completely. I'm in process of building a new house and have bought a H3 and two Joey2 off amazon and now awaiting the 1000.2 with Western DPH to arrive. Was pondering the idea to get the second dish and if was even possible to have both arcs.
  7. It is possible. (I do exactly that.) However, there is no way to integrate both arcs. You would have to switch cables on the back of the receiver and run a check switch each time you want to switch arcs. If you have a really slow-moving thunderstorm to the southwest (for example) then it might be worth the hassle to do that, but it is not very practical.
  8. Any Idea what the STRONGEST arc is at Gainesville FL? I should have no obstruction problems picking up either arc. Just wondering what sats have the highest output.

    I can see most locals in SD are at 110 in case of rain fade from this link:,%20FL
  9. Sorry Guys. When I read my previous post again seems I probably answered my own question. Duh!
  10. Get (3) large dishes, each pointed at a separate satellite, for the best possible reception. Whether you can integrate them to work with current receivers, I don't know.
  11. The biggest problem with mixing arcs for full programing services (access to LIL spotbeams is another matter) is the "confusion" JSheridan mentioned: there are different tables for each satellite mapped on the STB to tell the system which satellite and which transponder to access to display the requested channel/service/content. You never want conflicting data tables or you will have problems such as your STB/DVR unable to access the correct stream (from the correct location) for viewing or recording. It aint worth the hassle.
  12. I once had a mixed arc setup (61.5, 110/119/129) and it confused the hell out of my Hoppers.

    They would never record PTAT consistently, so Dish finally put me on EA and everything works great.

    The ONLY way to reduce rain fade is to have a bigger dish, look at what the cable companies use - 20 ft dishes to try to approach zero rain fade, but they can still get blocked, or covered with snow (not in Florida, hopefully).
  13. From your location, the 129 satellite would be lower in the sky, so I would recommend the Eastern Arc 1000.4 (to get the HD locals from 61.5) which is a slightly larger dish, and the LNB has an input so you can add a second dish pointed at 110 to get the SD locals for backup if you wish.