Multiple receivers, one dish

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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
thinking out loud

Was wondering if any of you intrepid Glory-mongers were planning trying out the two bandstacked LNBs and the DP-34?

I'd ask Iceberg to look into it, but he's up to his snowshoes in other test projects, and bad weather.

Haven't really given any thought to what sort of bracketry would be useful.
All I know, is that the LNBs will have to be skewed, if used on any common 90cm dish...
Got some multi-LNB brackets when SatelliteAv had his BlackFriday sale, but those don't seem to be shown on the site any more.
Will find one around here, and give it a good look...

I really should have bought some of these LNBs when I had the chance. :(


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Supporting Founder
Aug 19, 2005
Groton, CT
I do, and will report my experience after I receive the equipment. Right now I am waiting on Glorystar to release the DVR-1100c. When that happens I will place an order for the receiver, dish, LNBs (just in case) and NPRM. I already have the multiple (3) bracket, some 4x1 switches, a universal bullet LNB, and the DP34. I will be ordering the stacked LNBs next payday.

I also have a line on a P* dish - when that comes together I plan to experiment with multiple LNBs. Finally, once I move past the novice stage I would like to follow in Iceberg's t90 footsteps and try to grab as much as possible off one dish. But that's probably a year or more down the road. :D
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