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Jul 25, 2021
Charleston West Virginia
Is anyone currently using multiple LMB’s on there FTA KU dish setup’s? Can anyone educate me on what the options would be for the mid east coast in the lower 48? Didn’t want to buy the extra equipment just to find out there are no combinations available.
CN has a good question. Multiple LNBs are only normally required on a fixed dish. One exception might be if you want to have both C-band and Ku-band LNBs on the same motorized dish (see photo below). I find in practice it's best just to change out the C-band and Ku-band LNBs so you can receive the best signal on each band.

ADDED: To make this configuration work, I needed to motor 6 degrees over to receive the best Ku-band signal. Due to this hassle, it just is easier to swap the C-band LNB for the Ku-band LNB at the focus.

C_Ku band.jpg
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It's also a VERY good idea to keep all your posts about a particular subject in the SAME thread. Otherwise it's very difficult to follow what you are doing, and IF you've already been told something or not.
You are correct.
I found in a previous thread where Hyper KC talked about the topic.
I will try to keep things together.