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Feb 7, 2010
I have a DirecTV Slimline 3LNB satellite that has 2 cables running into my outside box from satellite then they have that split into 2 that runs into my house to my TV's. Now, I have 2 recievers in the house from DirecTV. One downstairs that is a regular receiver, and one up stairs that is a HD receiver. I have a 3rd old receiver that I have had previously and DirecTV has sent me another card to re-activate that one.

What I want to do is get that reciever working with the system I have now instead of calling DirecTV and having them come charge me for it.

The cable that runs from the IN satellite through my attic, can I hook up a multiswitch to that and then hook up the cable the runs to my old receiver to that multiswitch? Not sure how to handle this on my own.

I have gone to Radioshack and they told me that a multiswitch is the way to go. Is this correct?

Also, what type to I get? I've seen 3x4, etc.. and which cable do I hook to what side? 13v, 18v, antenna? Thanks.


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Dec 16, 2004
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For me it is well worth the $150.00 to have D* come out and do the install. If they do it it will work and be covered by the protection plan. if you use it. If you do it you will be on your own if you have problems and it will cost more to have them come out and fix it later.


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Sep 8, 2003
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Well first of all, the ONLY (non-SWM) MS that will work with the slimline is a 6x8, & you MUST run 4 lines from the dish into the switch, before it will even work properly. But actually, you do not even need an MS, but you MUST run a separate coax line directly to the dish & connect to one of the spare ports on it. (there are 4 outputs total)

You sound pretty green on this - why don't you call D* & see what they might charge you to upgrade that 3rd box to a new one, maybe even an HD receiver. The monthly charge is the same, regardless if it is an SD or HD one, & as the previous poster said, D* will supply an MS that you need & get it done right. If you have not had any upgrades within the past year, they might do it for free.


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Sep 17, 2009
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if you got a SLimline and 2 already come out of the dish.. you still got 2 more tuners on your LNB that you can use. you do NOT need a multi switch if you arent running more than 4 cables from your Dish to your reciever.
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