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May 8, 2004
Northeast Michigan
Today while driving I was listening to the radio when Red Hot Chili Peppers doing "Fire" came on. This started to make me wonder about copyright issues. So I have a few scenarios which I do not have an answer for but figured it would make for a good discussion.

Scenario one:
A "garage band" performs live music. Most of their music consists of popular songs by various Artists, are they technically required to get permission from the "label" to perform these songs? I know that most "garage bands" do not get this permission but was wondering if they are supposed to.

Scenario two:
A "Published Artist" is performing live music, they decide to do their version of another "Published Artist". This song is not a song that the performer has ever recorded. Are they required to get permission from the "label" to perform these songs.

Scenario three:
A "Published Artist" wishes to record a remake of another "Published Artist". I am assuming in this case they need to get permission from the "label" to record their remake of the song. Is this the case?

Again I do not know the answers to these just became curious while driving.


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Oct 20, 2004
Lakeland, FL
if an artist is on the same label they have permission to sing/record the song, if the artist is on a different label then they go to the songwriter, artist or label who ever owns the song..hope this helps
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