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Sep 8, 2003
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MDS America and Northpoint Technology responded to a jury verdict handed down Thursday invalidating two patents that had been awarded to Northpoint Technology covering Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS) technology.

In a statement, MDS America, which has been active concerning MVDDS spectrum issues, said the jury found that similar technology discussed in the patents had previously been used by others. MDS President Kirk Kirkpatrick said the decision "paves the way for MDS America's MVDDS equipment to be used to provide new broadband wireless service that can bring high-speed Internet and multichannel video service to the U.S., particularly to underserved rural areas."

Northpoint Chair Sophia Collier said her company plans to appeal the verdict. "We are pleased the jury found that MDS America infringed our patents, and we are confident the patents will be upheld on appeal," she said.

Collier said the case involved only parts of two of the company's six patents, and the remaining patents are unaffected by the decision.

"Northpoint remains the only company that has demonstrated its technology through independent testing, as required by Congress," Collier said. "Northpoint is committed to using our technology to provide low cost competitive multichannel video and high-speed data service to American families throughout the entire United States."

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