My 2nd 921 died!!!


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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
Went to turn it on, it boot as far as " Booting in Standby" please wait.
Would not boot all the way.......

Remote was not responsive, only thing I could do was push the "sys info" button on the front panel. There was an error on the Smartcard ID and Reciever ID no's. In other words there were no R00 no's or S00 no's it just said "error".

Couldn't even get my remote to change the "remote address" on the "sys info" screen.

Dish is RAing me another one.
Sounds like the same issues that the 501 and 721 had. I dont think I will be buying a 921 anytime soon.

I just bought WinTv to moniter for video surveilence and for the satellite receivers and plan on getting a larger hard drive as well (perhaps 250GB). Will I be able to record HD onto the hard drive using WinTV (Hauppauge)?
I just picked mine up yesterday from Mark at DD, and will be setting it up Sunday. Kept getting called in to work today so couldn't do it today.

I sure hope I don't have your luck John.

Two things I learned at CES from one rep who described the errors-
Hold the power button down for 5 seconds or more. It will do a system reboot.

Do a card swap, out and in when prompted to reactivate the receiver.

You may be suffering a corrupted download as well. Be sure your cables and signal are strong and in place during the download.

I was told that the 921 hos the basic OS in firmware, not on the drive or volatile memory so if a download of the software fails it can be redone using the above reset procedure.

This was also referred to the switch bug that I described earlier. The L1.42 software doesn't allow for a second check switch operation. In stead it will cause the 921 to fail. The way Dan described it, some people were setting their 921's up and then disconnecting or changing the sat connections. When the 921 tried to do a second check switch it would cause the entire 921 to fail.

This bug has been fixed in L143.

If I stated this incorrectly, I'm sure Dan will let me know with the correct procedure but that is what I understand you do. Give it a try.
You mean pull the smart card, reset and insert the same smart card or a new one? Sorry if this is stupid. I expect to get a 921 real soon and don't want to screw it up.
Freak- Insert the same card again. For dish vets this is a commonly practiced procedure when encountering a problem. You reinsert the card after the screen tells you when to do it.
Freak- When Dish was experimenting with Discovery HD Theater for the 5000/HDTV mod one of the final steps to get the receiver to swallow it was a card swap reboot. That is the last time I recall it was necessary. As I understand it forces the receiver to look like it is a brand new install.

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