My 508 died

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Sep 9, 2003
i know there has been speculation here about what might be received when this happens. I was assured that my repacement will be a 508 not a 501 0r 510. We will see.
They definitely will not send a 501 (unless its by mistake). You are entitled to a 508 or a 510. If they try to force a 510 on you remember they are charged a $5/mo. fee but receive 100 hours of DVR recording space instead of 60 hours. The receiver will probably also be refurbished.
The point of my post was that I am aware of the disdtinctions and asked the questions. I was told I will receive a refurbed 508. When it arrives I will report back.
I just recieved a 501 refurb due to of all things a power failure. The 501 would not stay on over 30 seconds at a time before shutting down. The refurb works just as well as the one it replaced.
I had an issue like that with a 301, but it would only stay on for about a couple three seconds then turn off without being able to be powered on again. You had to unplug it and plug it back in again to get it to turn back on just to have the same results.
I received the new (refueb) unit Wednesday. It is a 508. In light of the speculation I thought folks might be interested. Bye

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