My computer is a lousy TV

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  1. I bought one of those with this in mind and found that I needed to use a USB extension cable to get the receiver close enough to the keyboard to work reliably. Line-of-sight between the keyboard and its associated receiver seemed pretty much an imperative.

    Bluetooth keyboards should work better, but they are usually more expensive than the typical wireless keyboard.

    I went through essentially the same process as the TS and ended up with a Beelink GT1 and a minature backlit Rii keyboard with multi-touch pad. My motivations are probably a little different as I can't see well up close without donning spectacles so the TV is a better solution than a tablet or a laptop. My TV is also an older LCoS RPTV that has pretty significant underscan so having a separate box set up specifically for the TV was a bonus.
  2. You could do everything you need by getting a rasp pi 3 for $35, run Raspian os on it, and get wireless mouse and keyboard.

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  3. By the time you add a power supply, casework and a flash card, the price runs towards $60 and you still have to install an OS. A streaming box that is ready to plug in is surely a better deal.