My Dish Install, pics Descriptions, etc.


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Sep 21, 2010
I have a WRT350N, which its main purpose is a Access Point and a DHCP Server, A Cisco Small Business 10/100/1000 gigabit switch is connected to the WRT350N.

I run a direct patch cable to the Receiver from my switch, I haven't really investigated much, but I believe the 922 is only capable of 100 mbps connectivity. As for internet connectivity, I have a PFsense Load Balancer and two Motorola Surfboards (SB5101). One of the modems is set aside for media traffic, such as my Mac Mini, PS3, xbox, and my ViP 922. The other modem is for any other traffic, computers, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Everything works really well, If i download something on demand, I generally get about 1.50 Mbps downstream. As for in-house streaming, I use the outdated version of sling player on my iMac, and the speeds generally reach about 8000kbps.

Outbound, streaming video is really nice, the video quality is outstanding. Surprisingly, even when my iPhone falls back onto Edge, the video isn't as terrible as one would expect. I'll attach a few images of my setup, etc.

The only two issues I really have at this point are..
The Obvious: The desktop Sling Player application is outdated
And They really need to get going with a native version of Sling Player for iPad.

One thing I really liked, is when I bought the Sling Player App for my iPhone, I got a 30$ credit on my dish network bill. So thats something I was not aware of, that might help you make the decision to buy the app.

Images: - The quality is somewhat distorted on the iPhone, but after viewing it for a little while, the stream picks up, and the quality does improve dramatically.

As for the Antenna Setup, I have 3 Dishes up, A TurboHD Dish at 110/119 (129 WILL NOT work for some reason - tried everything)
A Dish 500 at 61.5
And a Dish 500 at 72.5
DP44 Switch

We have a Dual Tuner 322 Receiver running two other TV's.