My experience with the 0544 software on my HR34


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Jun 28, 2006
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So far, on my HR34 with the CE update after numerous reboots (menu, red button, power plug pull):

  • Pink screen on startup as mentioned by someone else - goes away after about 30 secs.
  • No results in MY DIRECTV - keeps saying to check back later.
  • No Pandora
  • No Youtube (nor Youtube searches)
  • No "TV Apps" icon in the Extras menu
  • Video artifacts and glitches when scrolling the guide. Sometimes the grid is all scrambled but will eventually correct itself
  • Intermittent guide lag when scrolling (this also existed with the SD GUI 0x4c9)
  • TV Apps is buggy and not always responsive, but it was buggy and wasn't responsive with the SD GUI 0x4c9 either

Over all, it's a bit laggy in general - but to be honest, I thought the 0x4c9 software was very laggy and had it's share of issues too - so it's almost a level tradeoff in my eyes in terms of lagginess.

I'd love for it to be as snappy as the HD GUI that my HR24 has. :) I hate to go back to the SD GUI since I really like the HD GUI so much more. But, I really am missing the Youtube searches, etc.

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