My less than two weeks old 811 died...


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Sep 8, 2003
Marietta, GA
Dead, won't turn on at all. It was working very well, woke up this morning and no lights on it, no picture, nothing.

Figures it would happen right before the holidays! If only my 921 would arrive....
Sounds like that maybe what happened. C'est la vie. Beta software downloading Beta software, something was bound to go wrong ;)
The same thing happened to mine this past Friday. No power, lights or anything. Hopefully my replacement will be here today.
Tony S said:
My guess is that your 811 tried to download the new software update and failed.
Problem doesn't sound like software. He should try unplugging and replugging it. If no signs of lights, it is hardware. If cycles through and then hangs, lights or not lights at that point, it could be software.
I got my 921 on 1/20/04. There were no problems with installation. IT appears to be working fine but I have not done any recording yet. However when I moved the 811 from the living room to the bedroom, it would not turn on. No power light. Dish is sending another one and it will be here tomorrow, 1/23/04. My 811 was about six weeks old.