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Dec 3, 2003
I have my superdish installation in the near future.

Will the installer install the wires as per my suggestion or will they take route which is closer to the receiver.

I am trying avoid drilling thru the wall by using RG6 flat cable thru my Bathroom window and my house RG6 distribution box is close to the bathroom.
The installer should (if possible) mount the dish as close to the electrical meter as possible so he can get a good ground. Most houses I have seen most of the cable will be near this area too. If your set-up is like yours then he will do it the way you want. I would get you to sign off on that so I don't get burned if someone trips over that cable coming from your bathroom. So he/she will probably do like you want, but you might have to sign off saying that is the way you wanted it to go.
Some installers will run the wires the shortest distance possible to save money and time while others will run the extra wire. If you stay with the installer and help him out some he will more likely run a longer wire if that is what you want. Some may try to charge you extra for the wire.

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