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Apr 14, 2005

This isn't actually a question but I wanted to share our network setup with others that may be looking into giving the CE & MRV a try. We have two Linksys WRT54GS routers, one is connected via CAT5 cable directly to our DSL modem (only 3mb :( fastest available in our area). The other WRT54GS is running Sveasoft firmware which allows it to become a wireless repeater - meaning, the repeater connects wirelessly to the original router and allows you to connect to it via CAT5 directly into the repeater or wirelessly. Our HR23-700 is connected to the repeater via CAT5 (so it's on our network wirelessly) and the two H23-600's are connected via CAT5 to the main router. We successfully stream HD content via MRV on this setup. We do get the occasional glitch or digital artifact blocking but it's only become unwatchable once or twice. Pausing or stopping for a moment helped it get back on track. The few times we've had issues getting it all to connect up, a reboot of the receiver(s) or routers solved the problem.

I seem to recall that the general consensus is that a wireless setup doesn't work for HD content but I wanted to share that it can be possible. If you keep you expectations realistic (ie know you'll get the occasional glitch and realize that this is a beta testing program) I think you'll find you won't be disappointed and that it exceeds your expectations. I just want to thank SatelliteGuys and DirecTV for letting us be a part of the CE program and giving us access to MRV. Personally, I love it. :up


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May 27, 2009
cool thanks for the update just wondering is Sveasoft better or the same as dd-wrt software
I was looking to do this setup or try a linksys gaming bridge


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Apr 10, 2009
Under the right circumstances, wireless can work for hd content. Depends on the wireless gear, where its located, potential interferences, and what kind of hd content you're transmitting. Some mpeg4 content can use as little as 6Mb/s, while some OTA mpeg2 content can exceed 15+Mb/s.

Same gear in someone elses house might not work. Someone elses gear in your house might not either. Same stuff in the same house watching differently encoded content might not work.

The key isnt even overall throughput/speed. Its fluidity/quality/consistency of at least enough speed to pass along the video without a glitch, since theres really nothing significant in the way of buffering.

dd-wrt used to be a branch off of sveasofts base, but it was rewritten as an independent product a while back. As to which is better, that depends. Sort of like asking chevy or ford, osx or windows. Better is often subjective and in the eye of the beholder.

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Aug 17, 2006
A little googleing on sveasoft was interesting. I use DD WRt and Tomato but at this point I see not value in sveasoft.