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Jun 19, 2005
land of the ice and snow
Just thought I would share with you guys some stuff that has happen in the last couple of weeks.

1. If you are on welfare and living in a camper with 2 kids with no air conditioner I am not putting you a HughesNet in. That and a computer is the last thing you need.

2. Never buy a car at an auction. I did and I got burned, needs a new transmission.

3. Gas is outrageous

4. No I cannot mount this satellite to the top of your single wide mobile home and no I will not mount it to the tree stump!

5. My local news team are complete idiots. "Tonight @ 10 find out why the police department want to put more teeth in the K9 unit" ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

6. When will they show us how they are going to break out "Prison Break on Fox"?

7. Dish Network CSR's stink and I don't like them.

8. I do not know why your 3rd party Email account is not working, it is not my problem. I will get you internet up and what you do with your computer from that point I don't care about. I know nothing about what type of service you had before.

9. Why do they not understand I cannot point the satellite were they want me to?

10. I wish Tony Kornheiser was not going off the air.

11. My Tivo is going out and I don't want to go back under a contract.

12. When you have roaches all over your computer desk I am not sitting down there. And no I do not want something cold to drink. I would rather die of dehydration than drink out of your roach infested glass.

13. And finally I want to say to the installers who want to take short cuts and get in and out of a job as quick as possible please STOP!!! you are doing nothing but making the rest of us look bad. I strive on every job to do the best I can and try to make sure when I leave the system is going to operate properly on my end. One of the main reasons why people do not like satellite and end up cutting it off is a poor install. I absolutely hate going behind you, trying to explain why it was not done right the first time and clean up your SH!T jobs. I know most of the customers do not know if they are getting the best install, but if you are one of the ones doing bad installs get out of the business. You complain because pay rates are not as high as they use to be and one of the main reasons is because of your sorry work that the company has to pay for someone to go back and fix, or the customer cuts the system off.

I am sure I will think of more and please if you have anything you want to get off your chest please be my guest.


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Nov 18, 2003
The Tate said:
6. When will they show us how they are going to break out "Prison Break on Fox"?
Once they have broken out, they can't really call it "Prison Break" can they? Maybe they will change the name to "On the Lam" :D

They will escape on the Season Finale of Season One. Season Two will be all about the manhunt. According to the producer, “It will be ‘The Fugitive’ times eight.”

Producers have not yet decided whether the show’s title will be modified or changed to reflect the convicts’ on-the-lam status.

Also, three characters will be killed off during the second season.


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Apr 14, 2004
Rock Hill, SC
The Tate said:
13. And finally I want to say to the installers who want to take short cuts and get in and out of a job as quick as possible please STOP!!! you are doing nothing but making the rest of us look bad.

That doesn't just apply to satellite installs...this is rampant everywhere it seems. People being lazy and just generally not giving a sh!t about the quality of their work drives me crazy. :mad:

My rant along those "common sense" a dead art anymore? Nobody seems to have it (or more importantly) USE it anymore.


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Jul 8, 2004
Virginia Beach
1. agread but when your at rock bottom it is better to spend $30 a month on entertainment that allows you to escape your reality than to spend $200 a month on drugs that destroys your life.

2. been there twice, ones got a stuck engine and the other runs but I dont have time to restore.

3. yep and thank you to all the day traders for driving up the cost of oil in the market, thanks exxon and mobil for trying to legitimize your sky rocketing profits, 9 billion in the first quarter.

4. I'll put it on a tree stump, its not going to move after all, and yes I will put it on a single wide but not on the roof, there is good support at specific points on the walls if you know where to look but only on homes built in the late 70's up into the 80's. I just had to relocate one that was mounted to the tin with no support in the area it was mounted to.

5. must have been a slow news day, then again I'd like to know what the local PD is spending my tax dollars on and if its worth it or not wouldnt you?

6. Im bored with the show already,

7. SBC/ATT, Dish India call center, Marketing Guru, sales reps stink, lie, cheat, abuse, SBC/ATT sales reps and MArketing Guru sales reps seem to think that satellite systems dont use cables, that the phone line is used for the tuner 2 output, Marketing Guru specializes in the existing active account customer modify address scam to get an existing customer a new customer install promo but they do it so badly.

8. Thankfully I dont have to fool with anyone elses computers, just a matter of time though,

9. Why do they think the dish has to go at the top of the house for best reception,

10. No idea, must be regional,

11. That sucks,

12. Honestly if your going to have a service person come to your house then clean it the hell up, Im tired of coming out to your house that has not had the carpet cleaned in 4 years, mounds of clothes piled up along the walls, kitty litter box in your kids room, crap piled up everywhere, animal feces ground into the floor. God I hate you people who live like this and dont care how you live or what people see and you expect me to come into your home to install a satellite system.

13. These guys are really really really making life hard for us, Im sick of fixing stuff for subs like Galaxy, USA cable, Dish Tv, and other various subs based in Adrian MI, Hillsdale MI, and Jonesville MI. You guys are causing me so much damn grief because of your work, lets get a few things straight. (A) Your supposed to ground the system and yes you are getting paid to do that so stop telling the customer your not. (B) Yes you do get paid to trench cable lines so stop telling the customer your not. (C) Yes you do get paid to put in pole mounts so stop telling the customer your not. (E) Splitters dont work as a line splice to feed a receiver from the dish. (F) RG-59 is not rated for DBS (G) Drywall screws will not hold a superdish (H) A white barreled wall plate is not rated for DBS (I) If it takes you 2 days to install a simple two tv system this isnt the job for you (J) Stop mounting superdishes to 4x4 posts (K) No you can not use seperators to run 4 311's. Ive got one subs installer that I really really want to get my hands on and when I do Im gonna shove a superdish mast footplate first where the sun dont shine.
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