My thoughts on VOOM

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City
DarrellP said:
3 stbs= $27.50 + 2 x $5 = $37.50.
4 stbs= $38.00 + 3 x $5 = $53.
5 stbs= $47.50 + 4 x $5 = $67.50.
6 stbs= $57.00 + 5 x $5 = $82.00.

Sean, you forgot the $5 extra receiver fee, or do they not charge $5 per every extra receiver?. The above would be the corrected lease figure per month. The stb fee costs more than the programming. Voom really needs to rethink their whole house strategy.

Yes. I forgot that one. This is is even worse... Look at it. The rental of the 6 receivers is more expensive than the actuall VAVAVOOM package!


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Mar 14, 2004
The fact that there is no easy way to add receivers to different rooms in my house is stopping me from making VOOM the sole provider in my house. Even with all the growing pains...Voom gives me more than cable or Directv ever did. The way I look at it now is that it is a add on service. I must have Directv in my house because I have four other rooms in my house that have tv's....yes I have no life. Not to mention the fact that I have tried everything short of putting a tower in my yard to get NBC , with no success. Im willing to wait for the combiner to be built, which hopefully will be in 2 mths, that would combine all NYC local ch's at high power. I really like VOOM but Directv remains my main provider because of the ease of adding receivers.

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