My wireless bridge wont connect to the internet for my hd dvr

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Feb 28, 2010
st. louis
when i go into advanced setup all of my ip and gateway and dns are correct so when i press connect now, it says all those OK next to it, Network: connected
Internet: not connected error (22)

I have spent seven hours on the phone yesterday with a combination of direct calls and linksys calls and charter calls
what do i do to get this damn thing on the internet?


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Jun 8, 2009
Have you tried rebooting router, reboot wireless, then goto DVR and navigate Network settings and select "Restore Defaults" at bottom.

That should get your DHCP IP address issued from router & connected to Internet. If you manage a connection, you may want to change some settings in your wireless device to optimize signal strength as well as repositioning the wireless device for max strength.

The advanced settings can be tricky. It was once suggested that the two options be changed to something like "set IP to static" and the other to "request IP as DHCP" I had to try it myself to see but the bottom tab in advanced settings is actually requesting the set IP as DHCP whereas the connect option in advanced tab if successful will show a IP in MORE INFO with a "(static)" after the IP address of DVR. The other Restore defaults tab will ask for a dynamic IP (DHCP) from router which may or may not be a new IP address, depends on the router. My router usually sends the same DHCP to DVR even after a flash , reboot or restore defaults of DVR.
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