Name a movie you couldn't get into that everyone else likes.

Was it time well spent?
Character development for main characters, yes. The slow speed chase towards a planet no one notice out the window... and Poe thinking he doesn't deserve to be spaced for every stupid thing he does in the movie. Oi!

First trilogy was visually incredible and the writing (except the Ewoks) was good, well directed.

Second trilogy was poorly directed, managing to drain the acting ability of so many good actors. The special effects no longer could mask over the inadequacies that was George Lucas. Writing the ultimate turn of events was dreadfully poor.

Third trilogy was just so poorly written. When I saw on Facebook something about the death star on steroids, I thought it was a joke, because you'd have to be an idiot to script that up.
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For me, it was a lot of the sophomoric humor movies like “Porky’s” or the “Jackass” collection. “Super Troopers” was another hard pass for me.

But I enjoyed “Blues Brothers” and “Animal House”, so maybe I’m okay with well-written sophomoric humor? ;)

Matrix 4

Rendezvous With Rama

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