NBA League Pass 2021


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Sep 28, 2006
Is anyone having issues with their NBA League Pass renewing for the 2021 season? I received an email about 3 weeks ago stating my subscription would be renewing soon but I still have yet to see anything on my account online and I'm unable to link to the NBA League Pass streaming using my Dish Network credentials like I was able to in the past. The games start tonight and I'd like to be able to stream some games since I'll be away from home.

I chatted with a Dish rep 2 times who both stated it was on my account and not to worry, but if that was the case then I should've been able to link my account to the streaming option also.

Thanks in advance.
I received a letter from DISH a couple days ago saying it was auto renewing and to call them by January 12th if I wanted to cancel. Haven't watched any games yet. May try later.

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