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Jan 24, 2005
I know the season just ended.... but I am looking to subscribe to Dish Network.

I want to subscribe to Americans Top 120 for $49 for 2 years (not the 120+). That package does not include the NBATV Channel. 10 bucks more gets you the 120+ and NBATV comes w/ the multi-sports package. That is pretty clear.

But from what I have read on the site regarding the NBA League Pass, once you purchase it, it includes NBATV. And once the subscription ends then it gets removed. Below is from the NBA League Pass FAQ.

Do I get NBA TV with my NBA LEAGUE PASS subscription?
DIRECTV, DISH Network and many digital cable systems offer NBA TV at no additional charge during the regular season with your NBA LEAGUE PASS subscription.

When I chatted with Dish Network to sign up... the representative could not guarantee that the NBATV channel was included as stated above.

Can anyone verify or send me a link to let me know if the above is true or not?



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Dec 27, 2007
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Yes. I have had league pass before. I can't provide a link for it, but when you subscribe to NBA League Pass, you get channels 5000-5061, and 5000/5001 was the mapdown of NBA TV that you get when you have league pass. (If you don't have NBA League Pass you have NBA TV on channel 156)

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