NBC-HD vs. NBC-HD ota 2004 Olympics (1 Viewer)

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Jun 21, 2004
SF Bay Area
Voom came through again ! :eureka Giving us HD DNC and now adding NBC-HD Channel 321 a a gift for those with out local NBC-HD ota

I'm very impressed ! :clap

Voom Satilite Signal strength : 92 - 93 Ota Weingard (Violet) Signal 97 - 98
( 50 - 60 miles from Digital HD tower )

Both Picture Quality Signals Perfect +++

Sound Quality with Dolby 5.1 richer and better quality on
Voom's Rainbow Sat :rainbow

Having 7 KNBC ota feeds -- Great
having both ota KNBC-HD @ 98 and (Voom's NBC-HD ch 321 in HD -- Priceless :bow

NBC-HD announcer said all of you HD home views have the best seat in the house of 72,000 people and said we were seeing today what some will only see in HD at the end of our century. NBC-HD said over 4 billion people watched the 2004 Athens Olympic opening program.

Voomster @party
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Jun 5, 2004
I wonder how many people saw the NBC-HD feed. Sony must be getting their money's worth being the sole commercial. At least NBC's commercial for Medical Mysteries appeared to be in some kind of HD as well.

Channel 321 in Voom experienced 1 or 2 framedrops during the opening cermonies, my local NBC was getting sound drops and lengthy picture loss throughout. AT first they had Dolby Pro Logic sound, then switched to Dolby Digital at a very low volume. The sound on 321 was booming.

Best out of 10:
Picture Quality Advantage: NBC-OTA -8.5 Voom-321 -9.5

Sound : NBC-OTA -6.4 Voom-321 -9.5

Clear advantage Voom.
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