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Oct 2, 2010
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Old news. Doesn't matter that it has a new name. Comcast and Dish are content with it not being in the lineup. I thought it would be a sticking point of the last series of negotiations, but it wasn't. NBC Sports would need to land the Red Sox or Bruins to be more valuable, and since they both jointly own NESN, I don't see that happening.
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Aug 25, 2017
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They could cough up more money for channels, but you know whose pocket it’s going to come out of right?


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Aug 10, 2006
It's very frustrating that there are no legal options for me to watch the Celtics and remain with Dish, unless of course I switch to their sling platform, save $75 a month and cut the cord.

It's like Dish is actually trying to force me to give them less money so that I can watch the channels I want to watch.

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