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May 7, 2008
I’m not sold. It seems the CBS mixmaster just tried the following elements:

- Let’s turn Gibbs into a female and give her a “single mom” family life, but otherwise the same sort of unrealistic leadership style.
- Let’s have the stock characters like the computer geek, the lab rat, etc. have different personality quirks from the other shows’ stock characters.
- Let’s show lots of Hawaii scenery, a trick that goes back to the invention of color TV.
- Let’s have a homosexual character.
- Let’s rip off some of the “living on Hawaii, but somehow doesn’t want to” form H-50.
- Let’s have an unrealistic office location and have a lot of stuff go on in a bar, just like in NO.

They are going to have to do some serious character development to sell me on this. None of the characters seem interesting.
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