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I am close to ordering the Hopper 3. And with the Hopper 3 being relatively new, are there still any major bugs that Dish still needs to work out with it? Also, I will need two Joey's in addition to the Hopper 3. I know that I need at least one of those to be a wireless Joey. But what about the second Joey? What are your thoughts? Do I make that final Joey wireless as well, or should it be a hard wired Joey. The rooms where these are going to be placed all have coax cables already installed. And one more question... Will I have to sift through everyone else's recordings to find mine? Or are the recordings petitioned off in some way according to what room they were recorded in? Thank you in advance for your help.


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The only really major bug that still exists is recording over the air channels. They record but are very choppy with audio video dropouts. They are working on this issue and I am sure it will be remedied very soon. If you are going to need a wireless Joey be advised that you will also need a Wireless Adaptor that will cost something like $40. This keeps your Dish equipment isolated from any LAN that you may have set up in your home. I see that you have said that each room already has coax. Of course the wireless Joey has no need for coax, so I wonder why you might need a wireless Joey. The single WAP would work two wireless Joeys so, if you wanted, you could have both be wireless. It's your choice, one of both wireless, or neither....

You will be able to set up recordings within folders, that you can name, so that you wouldn't need to sift through everything. Each room would still be able to watch any recording just the same. Remember, all of the recordings are on the Hopper. The Joeys are simply clients of the Hopper.


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And you'll lose 4X FF, but that seems to shortly be inevitable with any Hopper.

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Jun 5, 2016
My experience with the hopper has been bad. Constant problems and no help from dish. It was their excuse to up the rates with a buggy piece of equipment.

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