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Aug 3, 2010
I'm currently a Dish Network customer and have the 722 dvr. When we had the service installed the installer was only able to install service to our living room and bedroom (TV1 and TV2 on the 722). The coax wires to the other bedrooms did not work. Moreover, he said the coax wires that we're using are older and don't support the full picture quality - he recommended we having the house rewired.

I'm ready to rewire the house myself and need advice. I'd like to wire the house so each bedroom has a working coax outlet that we could hook a dish receiver to if we liked.

We have a 2 story house with a basement. Currently the wire from the dish runs to the basement and up to the 1st floor where the living room is. The out on the 722 is then attached to the wire that runs up to the bedroom. All 3 of our bedrooms are on the 3rd floor.

I can find the coax wire drops to the outlets in each of the 3 bedrooms from the attic. I don't think there is anyway I can run coax wire from the attic all the way down to the basement. I can run a wire on the outside of the house that goes from the basement where the satellite comes in up to the attic.

As I see it I'll need to split the wire coming into the basement to 1 going to the 1st level living room and another to make a run to the attic. Then the run to the attic needs to be split to go to the 3 bedrooms.

Of course this is the way I would wire it for cable, which I don't and can't have living in a rural area.

I don't fully understand how wiring for a satellite should work. The run from the dish to the basement area and the run from the basement up to the attic will both be 100 feet or more. Can someone help me plan this wiring job. I'm assuming I'll need to use RG6 wire. Can I use splitters as you would for CATV or are there special splitters for satellite? Is 1 coax line to each bedroom sufficient?

Any help is certainly appreciated.
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Jul 20, 2005
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You cannot use splitters. You will need at least one coax from each drop to the dish, or near the dish where you might have switches. This can get a bit complicated, depending upon the equipment you have and might one day have.

Some receivers require two satellite inputs, but this can usually be handled with a "separator." This is not a splitter. I could talk about bandstacking, but you'd fall asleep. Besides, others know far more than me. I? Anyway, I've wired my last two home myself, so the installer walked in and had a simple job, and I had it all done the way I like.

You might consider running extra coax for OTA, or diplexing it in.

Yes on RG6. Run long lines, do not use butt connectors.

Need more details. In any event, I strongly recommend running wires internally. I despise coax hanging off outside walls.


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Sep 22, 2009
Get Bent.
2 lines per wall plate to a central point in the home preferred(One is ok. No splices! No splitters! Just straight runs to the wiring closet or whatever.)
2 wall plates on opposite sides of the room (in case you want to re-organize.)
Use RG6 Coax Cable
Use high-frequency wall plates (blue insert, not white or clear.)
Run all coax in the interior walls of the home, not outside

Visit the vendors listed at the top of the forum for products and info.
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May 11, 2010
First off, the Dish Network tech should have run the wires for you! We are required to run new wires to each tv. There isn't a second off...


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Mar 14, 2008
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Mirroring other TVs is not required as far as I know. We bill extra for any extra TVs that a customer wants hooked up. If we need to run the cables they will be billed for the materials also.

If it is a 722 install it is only required that 2 TVs be hooked up and the TV2 hookup uses existing wiring. I do not believe it is included in a basic install. People nned to remember that we only get paid for a 2 room hook up with a dual tuner receiver. If any other TVs are hooked up we do not get paid by Dish.


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Aug 3, 2010
When we had our inital install scheduled about a year ago, we were going to have the 722 for the living room and bedroom and another box for a 2nd bedroom upstairs. When they found that the existing wiring to the 2nd bedroom didn't work they told me that we'd have to get someone else to come run new wire to that room. Should that have been included in the install sicne that's what I'd ordered initally. We ended up cancelling the 2nd bedroom receiver.


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Apr 19, 2004
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As gadgetguru63 said and if you had it clearly indicated in your initial requested install order the two receiver and their locations, they should have installed the wiring to that room to hook up both of the recievers on your order. While I do not know for sure, could have either been a lazy installer or one who just didn't know what they were doing.
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