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Jun 10, 2004
I have a 3lnb dish and HDTV ready Sony TV. I currently have the Hughes TiVo receiver and I am very interested in upgrading to HD w/ TiVo. I am concerned about the news that DirecTV dropped TiVo stock. I am really attached to TiVo and have had it ever since it came out. I see that the new HD TiVo receiver has just come out and costs about $1K. Should I buy this? Will the price come down soon or will the receivers disappear? I am really interested in upgrading to HD before the football season so I will be in the market before the end of August at the latest. Any suggestions?
As for your question about D* dropping Tivo, check this thread:

As for will the price drop, not as long as folks are having trouble getting one due to short supply. Is $1,000 a high price, I say for what's in the box, two HD DBS receivers, two ATSC HD receivers and a 250GB HDD, plus all the other stuff that makes it work, that it's a reasonable price. I mean if you went to BB or CC to get a standard HD box you'll be looking at $350 to $400 just for that.
yes, you MUST get an HD direcTivo. no questions asked. if you can afford it then go for it. this just may be the best satellite receiver ever made, and one thing is for for sure its much-much better than the 921. the prices will not fall anytime soon, as this is actully close to what it costs to make this unit. buy now it now and bring your HDTV to life. as I always say, why have an HDTV if your not feeding it an HD signal? just doesn't make any sense to me.
Thanks for the advice, now if we can track one down we'll give it a try!
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