Need help choosing the best solution for temporary move


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Jan 23, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
I have been a loyal dish customer since 2000. I have a 722k, 612 & 211. I have to move 2 hrs away for 6-12 months to an apartment & leave my new home vacant. I want to be able to get the same service I have and need help with my options. I do not own a sling adapter.

1. sling adapter (what is needed to make this happen) I was considering turning off my internet service at new home location.
2. dish mover - can this be done temporarily (I want this to be my VERY LAST option)
3. suggestions.

Any help making a decision would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I would be happy to assist you in any way that I can. To Sling it would require a Sling Adapter, along with a broadband connected to your 722k receiver. You would need internet access to the receiver to make this work. I am sending you a PM with some additional information.
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