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Apr 22, 2004
When I chose Dish 500 and get the highest signal for 119, i go to Check Switch, it does all the tests and gives back 1 as 119 and the 2 as 61.5 for odds and evens , when it should be giving 110. Then I go back to the signal screen and chose Check Switch and instead of clicking Check I click view and instead of 61.5, theres 110 for 2 instead of 61.5 as it was before.

So now i think everythigns done and when i click on a channel which is on the 110 signal it says "satellite signal has been lost, trying to acquire satellite signal. etc etc"

What should I do
Neo1980 for a start tell us what you have for equipment. Model #s, dishes, Dish Pro or Legacy LNBF. How long has it been set up?

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