New PVR 721 Activation


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Mar 1, 2004
Hey SatelliteGuy Gang!

I bought my PVR 721 from DishStore a few weeks back. I'm just about to get my system setup and something has come to mind here.

I'm going to get the Dish 311 Receivers installed originally for my living room and the bedroom. These are the "built in" card receivers that are replacing the 301's. With my PVR 721 I received an Access Card that is blueish and has a lot of logos on the top non-chip side.

I've heard of people talking about yellow cards? Will I be able to activate using this card? Will E* make me pay for a new card to activate my unit?

If you have any knowledge or can speak from experience I'd love to hear what you have to say. Thanks a mill!

ItamaeChef said:
Great! Thanks....
I don't think the 721's are ready for the yellow cards yet.

(my 721 has a blue card, one of my 501's has a yellow one, and the other 501 has the blue card, all work fine :) )

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