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Feb 6, 2008
United States
I have a 622 but in the backroom on tv2 someone is changing the channels and looking through the guides. I can be sitting in the front room and see the blue light come one for tv2 when I'm the only one home. I have seen some people say to change the remote address??? How do you do that and will that mess up my connection for tv1 and tv2???

Thanks in adavance!
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Nov 16, 2005
It wont affect your connection at all, just changes the address the remote uses.

Go into the System Info screen on the 622 and grab your tv2 remote. Addresses can be 1 - 12 so pick one different then what the sys info screen says for tv2.

Hold the sat button on the remote until the button lights up and starts flashing. Now hit the number on the remote for the address you want and then the pound key. The light will flash a few times then go off. Now hit the record button the remote. The sys info screen should now show the changed address for the the tv2 remote.

Hit done and exit and your set.
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